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Milicast News

Regularly updated... Check back for updates and additions!


Update May 20th, 2020


New Releases!

I am delighted to announce the release of our first subjects from the Middle-Eastern conflicts of the 1950s and 1960s. We originally intended to release an M-50 Sherman at last year's Scale Model World show, but we had to delay for a number of reasons, not least of which have been health and well-being. The first three kits in this series will be:


  • Sherman M-50 on M4A3 hull with Cummins diesel engine and HVSS. Product Code: IDF01

  • Sherman M-50 on M4A4 hull with Cummins diesel engine and HVSS (upgraded from the original Continental petrol engine and VVSS). Product Code: IDF02

  • Super Sherman M-1, on upgraded M4A1 hull with HVSS, retaining the original Continental petrol engine and  US 76mm gun. Product Code: IDF03


You may recall that in last summer's newsletter we asked for information on the ammunition trailer for the 240mm Howitzer. Neil Craig has created a master for us to his usual super-high standard. The kit will be:

  • M23 Ammunition Trailer for 240mm Howitzer. Product Code: US147

This will be our final kit in the 240mm series. We were a bit unsure about this series when we began, but it has proved very popular. Thank you to everone who has purchased the kits and especially to those who have provided us with comments, suggestions and information.

IDF01 is available now. The other kits will be available soon.


Sherman M-50

M4A3 Hull

Cummins Diesel Engine




Sherman M-50

M4A4 Hull

Cummins Diesel Engine HVSS



Super Sherman M-1

M4A1 Hull

Continental Petrol Engine HVSS

76mm Gun





COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

Like all businesses in Scotland, we are currently observing the UK and Scottish Government's restrictions due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. You may continue to place orders through the website, but at present we are unable to estimate shipping times. We are doing our best to ship as quickly as we can within the restrictions placed upon us.

Please do not visit our shop. We are not allowed to accept face-to-face customers at this time.

If you intended to see us at 2020 Scottish National Scale Model Show or the 2020 MAFVA Nationals, I am sorry to inform you that both of these events have been cancelled.


As of Wednesday 20th May:

  • - All orders up to and including 10917; 10919; 10921; 10922; 10924; 20926-10929;

      10932-10935; 10936-10938; 10940; 10941; 10949 have been shipped

    • - 10952; 10960-10966 are ready to ship
    • - All other orders up to and including 10978 are in progress
    Orders #10970 and above are yet to be processed.

We have now caught up on most of the backlog. Our delivery times are up to 5 workjing days for kits that are in stock and up to 10 working days if we have to cast a kit for you. If your order was placed before then and has not been shipped, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:



Some customers in the UK have reported that it has taken over 10 days between us posting their order and them receiving it. Royal Mail have suspended some services and are experiencing increased volumes as more people are buying online. They have advised that their cirrent service is similar to "Christmas Post".



If you are outside the UK, shipping to your country may have been suspended. Please check the Royal Mail International Incident Bulletin. If your country is marked "On suspension", we will delay shipping until the suspension is listed.




Many customers are e-mailing us asking when their orders are delivered. Please accept our apologies if we are slow to respond to e-mail queries. Unfortunately, we cannot make delivery estimates at this time. Please understand that we are operating in extraordinary conditions and doing our best to ensure that everyone receives their orders as quickly as possible. Thanks for yor patience.

In the weeks ahead, we'll try to keep you updated as best we can. Please stay safe and be well.


Iain, Jim and Tom.






 Recent Releases


Recently released by our Aleran friends in the USA  are two new sets of Decals. Unusually one set is Post War and in 1/72 scale!

Both are shown below and are available now.

A set of 15 named A12 Valentine Mk. I, II & V's including those

used in the UK, N. Africa and NZ Valentines in the Pacific.

A 1/72 scale set of Post War Belgian AFV Markings, including Shermans,

Staghounds, Humber ScoutsCars & Bren Carriers.

Below are our two recent releases; UK375 Deacon 6pdr. Gun Carrier and the  UK376 Deacon Ammunition Carrier. The second photo of the Ammo Carrier is shown loaded with Sexton 25pdr. Ammunition set (ACC098).




Now available in our Premiere Range are "Ben Hur" one ton trailers. There are two sets, each comprising two trailers.

Kit U0S81/2: G518 One Ton Trailer and K53 Radio Generator Trailer
(If you want tweo cargo trailers, simply omit the gererator.)

Kit US082/3: G518 Cargo Trailer and G527 250gal Water Tanker Trailer


Shown a bove and left is kit UK364:

Armoured Carrier, Wheeled, Indian Pattern.

Above is our recently released Premiere kit US042: M33 Prime Mover for M1 240mm Howitzer.

Left is the recently released 2Pdr. Brass turned barrels suitable for A9, A10, A13, Crusaders, Valentines, etc. (Ref: BAR002)

It is hown here on our Battlefield kit BB032: Cruiser Mk.II  A10 Mk.I. (BEF version).


Above and right is the is the Centurion AVRE 165, with applique armour as it saw combat in Desert Storm. Kit Ref: UK370. 


Above is the L1 BAT 120mm Recoiless Rifle (Kit Ref: UK372) 

To the Left is the FV3705 Giant Viper Trailer (Kit Ref:UK371)

Above is UK367 the Bedford QLR (LP Maximum Body No.1) with Interior.


Above is the FV2401A One Ton Trailer. It is available in three versions:

UK363: Open and mpty

UK368: With stowage (as shown)

UK369: with Tarpaulin secured


This is the M2 Thew - Lorain MC4F 6x6 Crane Truck kit and the M16 Trailer for the "Clamshell". The Clamshell was used to dig the trenches required for firing the M1 240mm Howitzer (US143).

The kit also contains the additional equipment required in the the lifting and positioning of the 240mm Howitzer Carrige (US142) and the M1 240mm Barrel (US141) onto the carriage.


Below are two new kits: Centurion realease; the Mk.10 as kit UK366

Above: UK366, the Centurion Mk.10

Below: US145, the 6ton 6x6 Corbitt 0SD6/White 666. This kit comes with optional closed or open cabs.



This is the Thunderbird Missile as used in the 1950's and 1960's for Anti-Aircraft Defence by the British Army. It comes with it's carriage for transportation which was usually behind the ubiquitous Bedford RL 3ton truck.



This Bedford RL kit can be built with our without the Winch. The version above has the winch fitted which meant that the Spare Wheel was relocated behind the Cab. The versions without the winch fitted carried the Spare under the body, as seen in the photograph on the right.


The Bedford RL superceded the Bedford QL and was the main medium truck of the British Armed Forces from the mid 1950's until the late 1960's with a total of 74,000 being produced. The RL was powered by a 4.9 litres petrol engine and had a number of variants which we will release over this year. It was also used as the Prime Mover for Britain's first Anti-Aircraft Missile "Thunderbird".


This Bedford RL kit is of the Artillery version which was used to tow the 25pdr.

Above right is the UK360 kit shown towing the1ton trailer FV2401A (kit UK363). Below right is the UK360 kit shown towing the Thunderbird Missile (UK365).


This is the M1 240mm Howitzer in the firing position which is a combination of the gun parts from kits US141 & US142 plus an open breech, 240mm Shell, Charge and Rammer.

Shown to the left is the Howitzer in the firing position with a horizontal trench dug to accomodate the four unique earthspades. This was dug using a clamshell on an accompanying M2 Thew Lorain Crane (Kit US146).


Above is kit US141: M2A1 Transport Wagon for M1 240mm

Above Left is kit UK359: White 1064 10ton Cargo Truck

Below Left is kit US140: M6 38ton High Speed Tractor.

Below: Gun Barrel and tractor shown together.

Bottom: The M3A1 Transport Wagon carrying the Trails & Carriage for the 240mm Howitzer (kit US142), built by master pattern maker, Neil Craig.



Painted diorama photographs are by the Master pattern maker Neil Craig.



If you wish to buy a Milicast model as a gift, but are unsure what to choose, why not consider MILICAST GIFT VOUCHERS

Now you can simply buy a voucher and the lucky recipient can choose the kits they want on our website, at our shop or at one of the many

Model and Wargamer Shows that we attend throughout the UK.




On occasion some customers are experiencing difficulties when placing orders, with a recurring error stating  "no postal location available" or similar. If you have problems placing an order on the website then please contact us via e-mail (info@milicast.com) and we shall assist you. Our apologies for this inconvenience.


Office Opening Hours (by appointment only) 


 Mon-Fri: 10am - 4pm

Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Sunday: Closed   

Please 'phone or e-mail if you are planning to visit. Tom is only in the office for a few hours each morning, so please do contact us in advance.



We remain unable to receive e-mail at our previous hotmail address. (milicastmodels@hotmail.com). Please discontinue using this address and instead contact us at info@milicast.com.



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