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Milicast News

Last updated September 27th, 2021... Check back for updates and additions!


We're Open!

Sort of. We are now accepting customers at our store by prior arrangement. Our current opening hours are Mon - Fri 10am - 2pm, but we can accommodate other times if you require. As an alternative to payment by cash or card, you may now place orders through the website and collect from the shop later if you wish. Please e-mail us at for further details.

The Discounts Are Back!

Thanks to those of you who gave us feedback on the discount structure we tried out earlier in the year. Whilst we'd introduced them for wargamers, they were very popular with everyone, so we have decided to bring them back...

Orders over 50.00 receive a 10% discount

Orders over 100.00 receive a 20% discount

The discounts apply to all products. Order value excludes shipping.

COVID-19 & Shipping Update

We are continuing to observe the UK and Scottish Government's COVID-19 guidelines.

Royal Mail's posting times within the UK are mostly back to normal. Shipping times to customers overseas are still difficult to estimate. Customers in some EU countries are, Australia and USA are reporting delays at customs. 

Please accept our apologies if we are slow to respond to e-mail queries.  Thanks for your patience.

Please stay safe and be well.

Scale Model World Show

Unfortunately, we are unable to attend the SMW Show in Telford this year. This is normally the biggest event in our calendar and we look forward to meeting many familiar faces as well as welcoming new ones. We hope to see you all again in 2022.



New Release!

It's been a long time coming, but we can now release the M23 Ammunition Trailer for the 240mm Howitzer. The kit was mastered by Neil Craig with wheels by Stuart Harrison and comes with an optional tilt and load of 240mm shells and charges. As you can see from the pictures below, when paired behind the Mack N0 or M6 High Speed Tractor, these will a different and interesting model. The kit also has huge diorama possibilities perhaps being unloaded beside a Howitzer set up for firing (US143) and the Ammunition set (ACC048). We look forward to seeing pictures of your finished models.

Please click on the pictures below for information on uses of the trailer with other ammunition types and tow vehicles.

M23 Ammunition Trailer (US147)

M23 Ammunition Trailer with Optional Tilt

Product Code: US147

M23 Ammunition Trailer (US147)

M23 Ammunition Trailer with 240mm Ammunition Load

Product Code: US147

M23 Ammunition Trailer (US147)

Mack N0 (US131) towing two M23 Ammunition Trailers. Note the Mack does not require a limber for the first trailer.

M23 Ammunition Trailer (US147)

M6 High Speed Tractor (US140) towing two M23 Ammunition Trailers. We reckon this is our favourite configuration.



Recent Releases

The predecessor to the more numerous SV2, Scammell SV1 Heavy Recovery was considered too difficult to operate in the field and most were abandoned as the BEF retreated to Dunkirk. The kit has 142 parts, including optional parts to build the doors open or closed, engine visible, etc.

Scammell SV1 Heavy Recovery Tractor

Product Code: UK377


As we continue to expand our range of Cold War era kits, I am pleased to announce the release of the Chieftain Mk.5 in our Premiere Range. The kit is available now.

Chieftain (FV4201) Mk. 5

Product Code: UK380


2020 was very much a year of tanks for us here at Milicast, so I am delighted to announce that we kicked off 2021 with the release of three new ambulance kits.


All three kits have a fully detailed interior separate stretchers and alternative parts. Left to right, they are:



Bedford ML Heavy Ambulance

Pictures of very well-made MLs (converted from other kits) were posted on Facebook last year which prompted some customers to ask us to produce a complete kit. At first glance it looks very similar to the Austin K2, but from the cab forward, it is completely different and a lot of work went into the master.

Product Code: UK379

Austin K2/Y Ambulance

We couldn't do the Bedford ML without also doing the Austin K2/Y - possibly the most famous British Ambulance of WWII. The kit features high levels of detail including optional parts to allow the rear step to be constructed either in a folded or fully open position as shown here.

Product Code: UK378


We are big fans of the classic British war film Ice Cold in Alex. This kit is our homage to Katy - the Austin K2/Y ambulance featured in the film. In order to accommodate filming, a specially built vehicle was used with the 4x4 drivetrain from a CMP truck. We have incorporated this and the many other features of this iconic vehicle.

Product Code: MV001




We're on Facebook!

We have created a Facebook page where we can share information and pictures more easily than on this web page. Feel free to post pictures of your own Milicast models on the page if you wish.


You can reach our Facebook page at...




If you wish to buy a Milicast model as a gift, but are unsure what to choose, why not consider MILICAST GIFT VOUCHERS. Now you can simply buy a voucher and the lucky recipient can choose the kits they want on our website, at our shop or at one of the many Model and War Game Shows that we attend throughout the UK.



 On occasion some customers are experiencing difficulties when placing orders, with a recurring error stating "no postal location available" or similar. If you have problems placing an order on the website then please contact us via e-mail ( and we shall assist you. Our apologies for this inconvenience.


Office Opening Hours (by appointment only) 

 Mon-Fri: 10am - 2pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed   

On request, we can accommodate other times should you require.

Please e-mail if you are planning to visit and we shall ensure that the shop is open.



We remain unable to receive e-mail at our previous Hotmail address. ( Please discontinue using this address and instead contact us at


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