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Welcome to the Milicast website!


We are currently operating within the restrictions placed upon us due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Please go to the Recent News page for further information.


Welcome to the Milicast website! Home to the largest range of quality 1/76th/20mm Resin AFV Models and Figure sets in the world! If this is your first visit to our website, welcome and please read on. If you are one of our regular customes, for the latest news of new releases, etc., go to our "Recent News" page.

Please note our our online shop is protected by a dedicated SSL Certificate, 128 bit encription security, indicated by the padlock symbol on your browser. This site replaced our original website on 19.09.2008 and is updated regularly.

MILICAST should be an instantly familiar name to you, as we are probably the longest continuous manufacturers of 1:76/20mm model resin kits in the world! Resin cast scale models were pioneered in the seventies by Eric Clark (ECM) and passed on to Milicast in1985. Since then we have continued to be in the vanguard of progress and innovation in this scale and were one of the first manufacturers to introduce Polyurethane resins to AFV reproduction.

Over the years we have built up a pool of experience, which with our Master Pattern Makers, has allowed us to build both the popular AFV's, but also many of the unusual types often neglected by the plastic kit manufacturers in this scale. W e now have what is widely accepted as the largest range of quality resin cast 1:76/20mm Scale Model kits, Figure sets and Conversions of WWII subjects, available anywhere in the world.

Our aim has always been to build as accurate a model as possible using all available research material, including original vehicles where possible, and the worldwide resources of M.A.F.V.A. If new data becomes available we will update our "master" at the earliest possible opportunity to further improve the model. That's something that the mass produced plastic kit manufacturers just don't do!

In 2004 we started our Battlefield Series in response to repeated customer requests to make available models which, although simplified in their construction and suitably robust, would retain the Milicast standard of high level accuracy and fine detail but be suitable for both Gamers and Collectors. We believe that we offer that quality alternative. This expanding range with "off the shelf" availability at competitive prices is already the largest 20mm resin range of WWII quality Gaming pieces available. As a result many Milicast Premiere Range kits have been superceded by their Battlefield Series equivalents whilst others still continue to be available in both ranges. New models do however continue to be added to both ranges.

We are Main Stockists of the exciting Dan Taylor Modelworks range. Milicast are also the sole British and European distributor of Aleran Decals of the USA who produce a superb range of the finest quality 20mm scale water slide decals covering a wide range of WWII subjects for most of the combatant nations including American, Australian, Belgian, British, Bulgarian, Canadian, Croatian, Finnish, French, "Free-French", German, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, New Zealand, Polish, Romanian, South African, Soviet & Spanish Civil War AFV's. Subjects also include Axis Flags, French Road Signs, Tactical & Unit Markings, Allied Stars, Balkenkreuze, Licence Plates, etc., We fully recommend these decals for use with both resin and metal kits or just to improve plastic injected kits.

RELEASES STATEMENT. In addition to new product releases, we also strive to maintain a good level of availability for all the other products in our catalogue. However no manufacturer of any product can maintain 100% availability, it's just not practical. Resultantly some products will have a message reading that this kit is: " Out of stock or transfered to Battlefield Series ".
This does not mean that they are withdrawn on a permanent basis. Over time they are refurbished, remoulded and returned to stock, sometimes as Battlefield kits. When the product is available again, or transferred to Battlefield Series, we will post this information on the "Recent News" page first and also update the appropriate pages.

Please note that Milicast Models Limited is registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) in compliance with Customs and Excise regulations in the UK. All prices quoted will include VAT.

We keep a comprehensive stock of all our ranges available to facilitate a speedy response to orders using our reliable, secure WORLDWIDE MAIL ORDER service. Orders can be placed via our online shop.

Our office at 9 Rannoch St., Battlefield, Glasgow G44 4DF

And we just don't do tanks.....

The photograph above is from an article in Military Modelling on building and painting the Milicast LCI L(above)

by Robin Buckland. Our thanks to Robin for the picture. Click here for more details about this vessel and crew figures.

This set of British Squaddies (FIG.61) is available from our huge range of figure sets.

Premier Range kit US116: GMC 40mm Bofors AA Truck

Illustrated here with a replacement Brass 40mm barrel (available as BAR40) from our extensive range of

replacement barrels and accessories. Click here for more details.

See our Recent News page for our latest releases.

It has come to our attention that on occassion diificulties can arise when placing orders on-line due to a recurring error regarding "no postal location available" or similar.
If you have any difficulty via e-mail: and we will reply with availability and cost by return.
Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please always go to our RECENT NEWS page before proceeding.

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